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Robert White & Bridget Allgar

Robert WHITE

Bur. Jun. 17, 1617, Messing, Essex, England. Said to be the son of Robert WHITE (b. South Pemerton; d. 1600) and Alice, grandson of Richard WHITE (b. Hillariance; d. May 6, 1578) married Helen (1523-1580), and great-grandson of Thomas WHITE (b. Meriot) married Agnes RICHARDS.

His will was dated May 27, 1617, and indicates he lived for considerable time in the parish and was quite wealthy. He gave to support the poor of Messing, and to Rev. Richard ROGERS, a non-conformist, and Rev. Bartholomew SCRIVENER, an established church minister. Robert's will names his wife and all his children. Son Daniel and wife Bridget were named executors, and John CHRISTMAS (Sr.) and William LEVETT were witnesses. Also named are three sons in law (James BOWTELL, Joseph LOOMIS, and William GOODWIN), Ralph BETT ("my kinsman and servant"), and Joseph DIGBIE ("my servant"). The three unmarried children, Bridget, Anna, and John, were bequeathed money on the condition that they obtain the consent of their mother, and of Joseph LOOMIS and William GOODWIN, before marriage (100 marks to each daughter, and 200 marks to John). It is possible that Daniel was the son of a first wife, prior to Robert's marriage to Bridget on Jun. 24, 1585 at Shalford, Essex.

Bridget ALLGAR (or ALGER) - bap. Mar. 11, 1562, Shalford, Essex, England. Daughter of William ALLGAR (bur. Aug. 2, 1575, Shalford, Essex), and sister of: Mary, who married "Ralfe BETTE"; John, who died in infancy; John; and Elizabeth.

Children of Robert and Bridget White

See Notable Cousins for line to: Lucille BALL, Stephen Grover CLEVELAND, Sarah (WATSON) DANA, Lee DeFOREST, Emily Elizabeth DICKINSON, Millard FILLMORE, Gerald Rudolph FORD, Ulysses Simpson GRANT, Frederick Law OLMSTED, William Sydney 'O. Henry' PORTER, Vincent Leonard PRICE, Sophia SMITH, Raquel WELCH, William WILLIAMS, Wilbur WRIGHT and Orville WRIGHT, and Jane WYMAN

1. Daniel - Co-executor of father's will with his father's widow. Daniel's baptism is not recorded at Shalford, and he is not granted a bequest in his father's will, though he is called "my sonne." It is poosible that he was the son of a first wife of Robert WHITE.
2. Sarah - bap. Mar. 8, 1585/6, Shalford, Essex. Married James BOWTELL of Little Sailinge, Essex. Children of Sarah and James BOWTELL: Matthew died in infancy; James died in infancy; John died in infancy; Nathaniel; Stephen; and Sarah died in infancy.
3. Nathaniel - bap. Apr. 30, 1587, Shalford, Essex. He was apparently unmarried in 1617, since there is no mention of his wife or children (actual or potential) in his father's will.
4. Mary - bap. Aug. 24, 1590, Shalford, Essex, England; d. Aug. 23, 1652, CT. Married Joseph LOOMIS.
5. Elizabeth - bap. Mar. 5, 1591/2, Shalford, Essex; d. May 17, 1667, Farmington, CT. Married William GOODWIN.
6. Bridget - bap. Aug. 18, 1594, Shalford, Essex. Unmarried in 1617. Bridget was married on Sep. 28, 1618 at Messing, Essex to John CHRISTMAS, Jr., and they had two sons: Richard and John.
7. Anna - bap. Jul. 13, 1600, Shalford, Essex. (Also known as either Ann or Anne.) Married Oct. 18, 1620, Messing, Essex, John PORTER (d. Apr. 22, 1648, Windsor, CT). The baptisms of the first eight of their children, ending with Mary (bap. Oct. 1, 1637) are recorded at Felsted, Essex. The baptism of Anna (bap. Nov. 4, 1638) is recorded at Messing, Essex. Son Nathaniel and daughter Hannah were born at Windsor, CT. Children of Anna and John PORTER: John married Mary STANLEY; Sarah married Joseph JUDSON; James lived in London, England; Rebecca; Samuel died in infancy; Rose; Samuel married Hannah STANLEY, daughter of Thomas; Mary married Samuel GRANT; Anna died in infancy; Nathaniel; and Hannah (or Anna) married William GAYLORD (William married second Elizabeth DRAKE, daughter of John of Windsor, CT).
8. John - d. Dec. 17, 1683 - Jan. 23, 1684, Hartford, CT. To America in 1632 aboard the 'Lyon', setting first at Cambridge, MA, where he was freeman Mar. 4, 1633. Removed to Hartford, CT about 1636, and then to Hadley by 1664, where he was Representative in 1664 and 1669. Returned to Hartford about 1670, and was Elder in the South Church. Unmarried in 1617, he married before leaving England, Mary LEVETT, probably the daughter of William (will dated Oct. 9, 1626; proved Dec. 15, 1626, Fering, Essex) and Margaret, and sister of Isaac, Richard and John LEVETT. John and Mary resided at Hadley, MA. Children of John and mary WHITE: Mary married Jonathan GILBERT; Nathaniel married first Elizabeth, and second Martha COIT, daughter of John and widow of Hugh MOULD; John married Sarah BUNCE, who married second Nicholas WORTHINGTON; Daniel married Sarah CROW, daughter of John and Elizabeth; Sarah married first Stephen TAYLOR, second Barnabas HINSDALE, and third Walter HICKSON; and Jacob married Elizabeth BUNCE.


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