Friday, July 30, 2010

TAYLOR- Twiggs CO., GA

Twiggs County has a long rich history. Arthur Fort of Wilkinson County proposed a bill in the Georgia Legislature on November 14, 1809 to create Twiggs County. The new county would be separated from Wilkinson County at that time and named to honor Maj. General John Twiggs, a celebrated American Revolutionary soldier from Georgia. The bill passed and became law on December 14, 1809.

The first county seat was Marion, which coincidentally is the location of the exact geographic center of the state of Georgia. Geologists from the State Department of Natural Resources and the US Geologic Survey located the states center in a swampy area where two creeks (Turvin and Savage Creek) intersect and erected a bronze marker to identify the location. An historic marker in front of Old Marion Baptist Church, near the intersection of Bullard and Marion Ripley Road, is about 1.1 miles from this bronze marker for the "heart" of Georgia.

Modern Day
Twiggs County is a beautiful land of pleasant contrasts contained within our 360 square miles and also has distinction of being the geographic center of the state. Twiggs County has a major interstate running through the heart of the county which is I-16. I-16 gives us easy access to both Savannah and Macon. We now have two industrial parks, one of 150 acres and the other 500 acres, at the intersection of I-16 and Hwy 96.


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